Northern Kentucky Gasket Manufacturers

Large gasket manufacturers are great on volume. Specialty shops can handle custom parts. We do both. There’s still an element of gasket manufacturing that is custom, and that requires expert craftsmanship to get right. Backed by over thirty years in the gasket business, we can confidently offer the best in custom gasket manufacturing, metal fabrication, and much more.


Order standard and custom gaskets, packing, rubber sheet, stainless steel tubing, machined products and much more.



We offer product from materials of various thicknesses, temperature tolerances and applications, from teflon to urethane.



From urethane molding and CNC machining to hand-crafted specials, we can build any part to your specifications.

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See how Bluegrass Gasket can give you very competitive pricing on gaskets and machined products.

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What you can expect from Bluegrass Gasket

For one, you can expect the kind of capabilities needed to take on any job. We have an in-house die making facility, CNC machining and urethane molding capabilities.

More importantly, you can expect the kind of attention that you won't find at other providers. Not a single job is unimportant to us. And it shows in our quotes, communication and precision.

We invite you to enjoy doing business with a company that treats you like a friend, not a name on a sheet.

About Bluegrass Gasket

About Bluegrass

The gasket manufacturing world is full of hulking companies that move slowly and have long forgotten about the personal touch. Bluegrass Gasket is the exception to that rule. Founded in 2011 by a three-person management team with over thirty years of experience in the gasket and machining business, Bluegrass Gasket provides high-quality gaskets and machined products. But that's only a small part of what makes this company unique.

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