Graphite Gasket Overview

Graphite is known for its resistance to high heat, pressure and chemicals. This makes graphite a popular choice for thermal, electric and chemical-related applications. Bluegrass Gasket will cut graphite gaskets in any quantity to meet your exact specifications. Call (859) 485-0111 to get a quote for these parts.

Graphite Gasket Material Information

Graphite gaskets can be made from homogeneous graphite, or graphite in combination with an insert to achieve different properties suited to specific applications.

  • Homogeneous: This describes graphite rolls or sheet without any additives. Homogeneous graphite is almost entirely carbon.
  • Stainless Steel Tang & Foil: This is graphite reinforced with stainless steel, which has an excellent chemical resistance and improves high-temperature resistance.
  • Wire Mesh

Let us know your material requirements, and we’ll find the material you need ata competitive price.

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