Cork Gasket Overview

Cork is popular in applications that require good compression and flexibility properties. Gaskets are cut from cork rubber or composition cork, which are described below. Bluegrass Gasket will cut cork gaskets in any quantity, and at a competitive price. Call us at (859) 485-0111 for a quote.

Composition Cork

Composition cork is most often used as backing on decorative or household items like trivets and coasters. It’s made with a hydrophobic substance that prevents water from penetrating, and it prevents surfaces in a customer’s home from being scratched.

Bluegrass Gasket offers rolls of composition cork. We will also slit or die cut composition cork to your specification, saving you the time and money of performing these tasks in-house.

Cork Rubber Gaskets

As the name implies, cork rubber is a combination of granulated cork and rubber. The addition of rubber gives the material the ability to seal, as well as resistance to some chemicals, fungus, acid and weathering. Cork can be combined with EPDM, natural rubber, neoprene and others of our rubber gasket materials. We also provide cork rubber sheet.

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