precision metric stainless steel tubing in Kentucky

When it comes to steel tubing, most businesses have no other option than to go through a big-time steel distributor. So there’s not a whole lot of competition when it comes to price. Well, we aren’t big time (at least not in the way the lets us twist your arm). So instead we’re going to offer you a better deal.

Bluegrass Gasket is a distributor of metric stainless steel tubing, and we’re cutting out the big guy to offer you competitive pricing. Here’s some information on the tubing products we offer.

Metric stainless steel tubing sizes:

  • 6mm – 16mm outside diameter
  • 1mm – 2mm inside diameter

Stainless steel grades offered:

  • 304 stainless steel
  • 316 stainless steel

Customized configurations available

We’re happy to bend, shape or form this stainless steel tubing to the specific configuration that you need. Please call us at (859) 485-0111 to get a quote on a custom configuration to your print.

We’re looking forward to quoting you a price that’s well below those of larger metric stainless steel tubing distributors. And we’re happy to deliver the product to you promptly and shaped to your specifications. Remember, you’ll always be able to get in touch with an expert craftsman at Bluegrass Gasket.

For a quote, call (859) 485-0111 or:

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