PTFE Gasket Overview

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is one of the most commonly used plastic gasket materials available, and is popular in applications that require thermal insulation and/or resistance to many chemicals. Bluegrass Gasket will cut PTFE gaskets to your exact specifications in any quantity. Call (859) 485-0111 to get a quote, or request a quote online.

PTFE Gasket Material Information

PTFE is known for its electrical insulation properties, its resistance to corrosive substances, making it a popular choice for parts in pumps and electrical applications. Fillers are added to PTFE for improved mechanical properties.

PTFE Filler Combinations

  • Glass-filled PTFE: Glass filler gives PTFE more resistance to wear and creep. It also enhances the chemical resistance to acids, hydrocarbons, solvents refrigerants and cryogenics. This is commonly used with piston rings and bushings. Glass filler also makes PTFE more abbrasive.
  • Carbon-filled PTFE: Carbon improves the compressive strength of PTFE. This makes the material more resistant to wear while improving its thermal conductivity and making it electrically conductive. When combined with graphite, carbon-filled PTFE is ideal for sliding applications.
  • Bronze-filled PTFE: Bronze makes PTFE more resistant to wear. Bronze also improves resistance to pressure and resistance to creep, and has a higher friction resistance. Chemical resistance of the material is decreased with bronze, and bronze can oxidize.

There are other materials that may be applied along with those above. Feel free to call us with your specification, and we will be able to locate the right material for your job.

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